Do Sleep Masks Work

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No one can argue that a good night’s sleep is one of the necessary elements for good health and happiness. Well-rested people are more productive energetic and experience fewer mood swings. For this reason, sleeping issues can be devastating. People who have difficulty sleeping will go to any lengths to find that miracle cure for sleepless nights. Enter sleep masks. But do they work? Find out below.

Do sleep masks work? 

Sleep masks have been around for many years, and they have increased in popularity. It is possible to get a sleep mask in any color and design because of its phenomenal supply. However, we can’t help but wonder whether they offer much more than colorful nighttime décor. Are sleep masks effective, and if they are, are there ways to get the most out of your sleep mask? 

Sleep experts agree that although sleep masks can be beneficial for getting a restful night’s sleep, it depends on the person. Having a good night’s sleep requires a calm and peaceful environment. Dark surroundings help create the ideal setting for rest. That is why a sleep mask can be beneficial because it helps minimize the light that might otherwise interrupt your sleep. 

What are the benefits of sleep masks? 

Wearing a sleep mask every night can do a lot more than simply giving you a dark space. The action of putting a sleep mask on becomes part of your nightly routine, and quite an important role at that. Your body becomes used to the repetition of the sleep mask, knowing subconsciously that it is time to rest. This can be very useful if you have trouble falling asleep. By placing your sleep mask on your face, your body will be calm and allow you to drift off more easily. 

If your sleep mask helps you fall asleep more quickly, you will be more likely to get more sleep. Sleeping more is very beneficial to our health. If you have a healthy sleep routine, you can experience the following: 

  • Improved focus and concentration 
  • Better short-term memory 
  • Increased self-control 
  • Better productivity 
  • Improved reaction time
  • Increased sexual drive 
  • Being more aware of your surroundings 
  • Improved moods and less irritability 
  • Decreased risks of stroke or cardiovascular diseases 

Considering these benefits, it is apparent that sleep masks are worth trying. However, are all sleep masks created equal? 

What to look for in a sleep mask

These days there is such a great variety of sleep masks that finding a suitable sleep mask may seem like an overwhelming task. However, a few things can help you choose the perfect sleep mask for you. So, when you are on the lookout for a great sleep mask.

What is the blackout capacity of the sleep mask?  

The whole point of a sleep mask is to create a dark atmosphere for peaceful sleeping. Therefore, it is pointless to choose a sleep mask made of material that lets the light through. In addition, sleep masks that are not wide enough to cover both eyes are also not suitable. Lastly, sleep masks that don’t have a proper shape might not sit correctly, allowing light in. 

The ideal sleep mask will successfully keep all light out while sitting comfortably on your face. 

How will it fit? 

The way a sleep mask fits plays a significant role in its effectiveness. Never choose a sleep mask that seems too large or too small because this will result in irritation and lack of sleep. In addition, pay attention to the way the mask has been cut. Ask yourself these questions while you are examining the sleep mask.

  • Will there be enough space for my nose? 
  • Is the material comfortable enough to be in contact with my face for long periods? 
  • Does the mask allow for enough REM movement of my eyes? 
  • Is there any part of the sleep mask that might irritate my ears or skin? 

These questions might help you determine whether it is a suitable sleep mask for you. If you feel that any of these questions indicate an issue with the sleep mask, then it is not the one for you. Keep on searching because finding the perfect sleep mask will be worth it. 

Girl in pajama and sleep mask is stretching and smiling while lying in bed

What fabric was used to make the sleep mask? 

The fabric that a sleep mask is made of is fundamental. You don’t want a sleep mask that looks great but scratches your skin. That is why fashionable fabric might not always be the best choice. Additionally, keep the weather in mind when choosing a sleep mask. If you live in a very hot or humid place, a fur sleep mask might make uncomfortable nights even more painful. 

Here are the best fabrics for sleep masks: 


Silk is by far the best choice for selecting a sleep mask. It is soft and gentle on the skin while having excellent blackout capabilities. Of course, silk sleep masks might be more costly than others, but they are worth the investment. 


Another great fabric for sleep masks is cotton. It is lightweight and incredibly soft on the skin. Additionally, it also has excellent blackout properties. Finally, cotton sleep masks are very affordable and durable. 


The cheapest material for creating good sleep masks is polyester. It is lightweight and durable. However, the downside of polyester is its ability to make you sweat. If you have susceptible skin, it is best not to choose a polyester sleep mask for this reason. 


Satin is an excellent choice for people who don’t mind paying more for their sleep masks. It is soft, breathable, and lightweight. 

What is the cost of a sleep mask? 

There is a sleep mask for every budget these days. Depending on how much you’d like to spend, you can select one that has a good fit, comfortable material, and adequate blackout properties. 


A good night’s rest doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Instead, create a calm environment in your bedroom and invest in a comfortable sleep mask. Remember to minimize electronic devices before bed and cut back on caffeine. You might find that you can sleep well if you put the effort in. 

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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