Faithful Counseling Review: Online Christian Therapy   

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The relationship between an individual and their counselor or therapist is deeply personal. Faithful Counseling understands this better than most.

Initially established in 2017 as a faith-based Christian counseling services offshoot from BetterHelp (one of the most well-regarded and internationally recognized online therapy services on the planet), Faithful Counseling has quickly become one of the most – if not THE most – popular online therapy solution for Christians.

Now boasting more than 100,000 plus members taking part in therapy with licensed professional counselors who are genuine, authentic, and actively practicing Christians, it’s hard to argue with the success this platform has enjoyed.

At the same time, though, some people remain somewhat hesitant to seek online therapy services – even if they are looking for a service with this kind of faith-based connection.

That’s why I’ve put together this detailed review, though.

By the time you’re done with the inside information below, you’ll have a much better understanding of everything that makes Faithful Counseling unique.

I go over everything I uncovered while researching these mental health counseling services, what I saw as the most significant benefits and drawbacks from my Christian perspective, and whether or not I would recommend this service to those looking for a Christian therapist.

Hopefully, you can get a lot of value from this detailed review!

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Is Faithful Counseling Right for You?

The marketing and branding surrounding Faithful Counseling as a mental health service for those of the Christian faith is not just something done to separate this service from the rest of the pack.

Not at all.

I was concerned that the mental health counseling services provided by Faithful Counseling were going to have a very surface-level relationship with my Christian faith.

I know there are a lot of other faith-based services on the market today that promise faith is tightly woven into everything they do, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Faithful Counseling does not suffer from those ills.

Almost right away – I was immediately put at ease when you are told that all licensed professional contractors hired by Faithful Counseling are honest, currently practicing Christians.

I didn’t know which denomination of Christianity these counselors were going to practice, but that mattered much less to me than just knowing we already had some bedrock foundation of connection.

If you are serious about getting Christian counseling from the online therapy services you sign up for, Faithful Counseling is for you.

Just as a quick aside to those that may not be actively practicing Christians themselves, or even those that may not consider themselves Christians but are interested in a faith-based approach to online therapy:

This platform is going to meet you with arms wide open!

I have since recommended Faithful Counseling to a handful of people who consider themselves agnostic (and some who would even call themselves atheists).

Of the ones that have followed through on my recommendation for Faithful Counseling, all of them have found these services – including those with more focus on biblical perspective – incredibly rewarding and helpful.

No matter where you fall on the faith spectrum, I believe you’ll find a home here, genuine comfort and help, and a sense of connection and belonging with Faithful Counseling.

What We Like Most About Faithful Counseling

Honestly and Authentically Christian Counsellors

One of the most important things for me when hunting for a faith-focused therapy process was that the individual counselors would have – at the very least – a bedrock foundation in Christianity.

I wanted to be sure that our beliefs align.

Having worked with other therapists in the past (including accredited psychologists, licensed therapists, and a more traditional therapy experience), I knew that having that alignment of our religious beliefs was going to be a massive piece of the success puzzle.

Maybe it’s critically important for you, too. Maybe it’s just something you’d sort of like to know. Maybe it’s not a super priority for you at all.

For me, though, I wanted to be sure that all therapy sessions would revolve around all aspects of the client’s life. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. Having biblical wisdom from a true believer woven into my therapy sessions lifted my soul in ways I can’t begin to describe.

If this is important to you, and you want the people that provide therapy online to have that belief connection with you, you will like Faithful Counseling.

Professional and Experienced Counselors and Therapists, Too

While it’s nice to know that the people that offer therapy professionally through Faithful Counseling are practicing Christians and base the therapy they provide on Paul’s appeal to the Corinthians, it’s also nice to know that these therapists are amongst the most accomplished in the therapy field as well.

Faithful Counseling only considers the most experienced and seasoned therapists to come and work for their online therapy services.

All therapists must possess (at minimum) a Masters’s Degree. Many of them also have a doctorate, and every single one of these therapists has years (at least three) of experience working in this field.

That was huge for me.

I knew Faithful Counseling would handle the heavy lifting for connecting clients to their counselor and that I wouldn’t be able to pick one specifically right out of the gate.

Initially, I was a little reserved and nervous about that. Still, I learned just how accomplished ALL of the counselors working for Faithful Counseling were, and those fears dissipated completely.

It certainly didn’t hurt that I knew that if someone had not been connected to the right counselor, they would have the ability to easily change therapists as often as needed until finding someone that could help – and connect with them – to overcome their unique challenges and the things thy were hoping to get from therapy in the first place.

That’s a massive part of the success puzzle when you become a member of Faithful Counseling!

Multiple Therapy Services Available

 Something else that attracted me to Faithful Counseling with the sheer depth of services they provided through their professional therapists.

Spiritual health and spiritual wholeness services weren’t the only things on the menu, so to speak.

No, reviewing and researching all of the different online therapy platforms Faithful Counseling provided put a bright spotlight on just how many different areas of my life and my mental health this organization could assist with.

Many work with Faithful Counseling and their online therapy programs to sort of work through the day-to-day stress and anxiety they are contending with, but also to have another opportunity to connect with more spiritual people in their life.

Those seeking help combating addictions, anger, and anxiety will find a home here at Faithful Counseling.

The same is true for those looking for help with their careers, managing conflict more effectively, overcoming depression, building a more vital and faithful family, moving and navigating through grief – that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

There’s a huge support network of professional counselors with real expertise in every one of these areas (and many more) working with Faithful Counseling.

Chances are pretty good you’ll be able to get the therapeutic help you’re looking for when you sign up.

Excellent Track Record for Privacy and Data Security

Parent company BetterHelp is one of the most successful online counseling platforms on the planet, and part of that is its dedication to privacy and data security.

Faithful Counseling has that same dedication as well as the same privacy and data security infrastructure, too.

Everything you share with your mental health counselors will be completely confident. You have nothing to worry about on that end.

I know I would be hesitant to take advantage of Faithful Counseling offers because privacy and data security were my priorities.

After speaking to customer service, though – and even reaching out to a handful of their privacy and data security-minded employees – I learned how much Faithful Counseling focuses on these areas.

It put my mind at ease. Hopefully, it’ll put your mind at ease, too.

Super Easy to Use Online Counseling Platform

 The whole process of getting started with Faithful Counseling is straightforward.

Everything begins at the Faithful Counseling website, where you’ll be invited to take a quick online questionnaire as part of the signup process. This questionnaire will cover a handful of demographic details about you and what you’re looking for from your licensed Christian therapist.

After that, you move more in-depth throughout the signup process to hammer home your expectations and what you’re hoping to get from this holistic treatment solution and expand on your mental health needs in general.

From start to finish, the whole sign-up process takes five minutes – probably even less than that – and then you’ll be immediately connected to a licensed therapist with plenty of opportunities to work (or switch from) right from the jump.

Not bad, right?

Once your account has been set up, you’ll be immediately brought to your mental health therapy “dashboard”.

Think of this as the hub for everything that Faithful Counseling offers.

You’ll be able to manage your account, switch therapists, take advantage of unlimited text messaging with your therapist, or schedule group sessions, phone sessions, or video chats.

Video chats will require you to have a WebCam or to use the camera on your smartphone. Just be aware of that ahead of time!

Faithful Counseling’s online tools are polished, well-engineered, and easy to use.

Live Chat, Phone, and Video Appointments

Faithful Counseling offers many different therapy solutions available to be one of their most vital benefits, even if you only take advantage of the secure chat room (available 24/7) and phone consults now and again.

I’m sure that the other online therapy solutions provided – live chat and video appointments – are just as easy to use, just as safe, and just as secure.

They just aren’t my thing!

Maybe they’ll work better for you – and that’s the beauty of Faithful Counseling, providing therapist availability across so many different tools.

Unlimited 24/7 Messaging

I’ll be honest, I really like the private “chat room” – maybe more than more casual users of this mental health platform.

No, it’s not that I would use this chat room multiple times a day (day or night), expecting a response straight away. They are clear that the therapist’s availability isn’t going to be on a 24/7 basis.

Instead, you can use it as a tool to invite God into your life through this therapy whenever you are having difficulty. If my Christian therapist can pop in and help me straight away, that’s great. If they get back to me later down the awesome line, too.

Sometimes, though, I just need to use this private chat room almost as a direct line to my faith to get out what I’m feeling in words. Sometimes that’s enough to sort of snap me out of it.

This to me, is one of the strongest of all the Faithful Counseling offers for sure.

What We Liked Least About Faithful Counseling

Pricing Isn’t Universal Across the Board

Not all is sunshine and roses with Faithful Counseling, though.

For example, I don’t love reports from other users that Faithful Counseling costs can be a little “flexible” – often entirely based off of where you live.

I haven’t been able to confirm this myself (I’ve lived in the exact location since I signed up for these mental health services), but it is something I’ve read in many different Faithful Counseling review posts online.

The monthly cost for Faithful Counseling is pretty affordable no matter what, but a more consistent pricing structure would probably be something I’d be happy with.

Therapy Isn’t Covered by Insurance

In a couple of Faithful Counseling review posts, I have read that this organization is doing everything possible to make its services insurance eligible.

Right now, though, does Faithful Counseling accept insurance?

No. They don’t.

However, financial aid packages may be available for you through this service and are well worth looking into.

It’s Not Possible to “Trail Run” with a Single Session

 Lastly, and I think this would be great just from a Christian perspective, it would be cool if Faithful Counseling provided trial run opportunities for folks on the fence – maybe offering a single session at an affordable price point.

I understand why the people behind Faithful Counseling’s success haven’t decided to go down this route. I imagine it would be a huge logistical nightmare to try and handle and might even overwhelm Faithful Counseling’s staff of top-tier therapists.

That would be a net negative.

Still, I think many people would take advantage of that initial trial run session and become long-time members of all the services Faithful Counseling provides.

Who knows, though?

Pros and Cons

· Subscription-based generally affordable Counseling plans

·         Every therapist is an honest, authentic, and currently practicing Christian

·         Very fast connection times with new therapists

·         Unlimited messaging available 24/7

·         Option to setup live text chat, phone, and video therapy sessions

·         Very easy to use online interface

· Feature-rich and accessible mobile app

·         Excellent history for security and privacy

·         Backed by legendary online therapy organization BetterHelp

·         Pricing can be inconsistent and location-based

·         Not possible to trial run the service with a single session

·         All therapists are matched via algorithmic tools

·         Therapy available here is not insurance eligible

·         No connection to psychiatrists or medication management professionals

·         Limited connection to local faith-based groups and organizations

What’s Included?

Before we wrap things up here, let’s quickly run through all the different things you can expect to receive when you create a private account with Faithful Counseling.

Faith-Based Therapy from a Practicing Christian

For starters, your private account entitles you to some of the best faith and spiritual-based therapy available online by actual practicing Christians.

Yes, not only have Faithful Counseling’s team of pro therapists have three years of experience in the field and possess at least a Master’s Degree – not to mention have gone in for of a state’s professional board and gotten all of their licensing requirements taken care of – but they are also legitimately practicing Christians, too.

Every therapist that works with Faithful Counseling signs a Statement of Faith attesting to this.

The Statement of Faith covers things like:

  • That the Bible is the Word of God
  • That God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • That true Christian Fellowship is built through Christ’s love
  • That salvation can only indeed come through Jesus Christ, God’s son, who died for all of our sins and rose again

There’s something very peaceful about working with a therapist I know connects with me on my deepest held beliefs and has proven and verified that with a Statement of Faith like this.

That’s powerful, powerful stuff in my eyes.

Unlimited Messaging and Weekly Live Sessions

 As a member of Faithful Counseling, you’ll also receive access to your own live personal chat space with 24/7 unlimited text messaging between yourself and the therapists you’ve connected with.

On top of that, you’ll also be able to schedule weekly live sessions with your therapist directly – sessions that can be conducted as video sessions, over the phone, or through the live text chat tools in your chat space.

In-Depth Treatment Areas

Anyone looking for help with their mental health will find therapists and counselors at Faithful Counseling that can assist them in their time of need.

Those looking to resolve family conflict or marital stress will be able to connect with marriage and family therapists.

Those seeking help with their relationship are welcome to join couples therapy through Faithful Counseling.

People looking for faith-based solutions to help with addictions, anger and anxiety, conflict and depression, grief, intimacy, parenting, self-esteem – the list goes on and on – will find their needs are met at Faithful Counseling. 

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Final Verdict

 Faithful Counseling is not the only faith-based online therapy service in operation right now – but in my opinion, it’s the best of the bunch.

The therapists here are accomplished professionals with years of experience, a doctorate, and a deep and abiding Christian faith that helps you connect with them immediately.

Combine that with the tools, technology, and infrastructure provided by Faithful Counseling to help you get the assistance you need (when you need it most), and joining up becomes a bit of a no-brainer.

Take a look at the services they offer. Join up for a month. See firsthand how these counselors can help.

You’ll love the support you get through Faithful Counseling. I guarantee it.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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