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When you are in a relationship, things can get bumpy sometimes. One of the best ways to resolve this is to sign up for couples counseling, but with so many different therapists and counselors, finding the right service for you can be tricky. 

As a result, we have decided to review ReGain – one of the most popular online counseling platforms for couples.

This way, you can see exactly what’s on offer through an impartial third party to determine if it’s the right counseling service for you and your partner.

So, check out our review below to see if ReGain Us is the service for you! 

What Is ReGain?

ReGain is an online counseling service based in the United States which caters completely to couples.

This means that it is a counseling service that will help you rebuild your relationship, overcome issues or complex events, or even help both parties come to terms with the end of their relationship. 

First launched in 2016, ReGain is a part of the BetterHelp company and is a smaller branch focusing on couples.

This means that ReGain has the backing (in terms of funding and professional policies) of BetterHelp and benefits from its amazing reputation.

BetterHelp holds its services to a high standard and ensures that all its counselors and therapists are well-trained and experienced.

This level of professionalism bleeds over into ReGain, too, so you can expect a similar quality of service. 

Despite being based in the United States, ReGain’s services are available worldwide, so no matter what country you live in, you can still have access to ReGain’s counseling services. 

Now that you have a better understanding of what ReGain is, let’s look at what they offer in terms of services for you and your partner. 

Services On Offer Through ReGain

As we mentioned earlier, ReGain is a platform for couples counseling which means that its services are tailored to help tackle issues affecting your relationship. 

However, ReGain is also very strictly only for couples, so there is no opportunity for family therapy here even if your children are deeply affected by what is going on in your marriage or relationship.

If you want to try family therapy with your partner and children, you will need to look elsewhere for those services. 

Instead, ReGain offers online counseling sessions for you and your partner to help encourage a change in your relationship.

Your counselor can work with you independently or together (or both) to help tackle issues that are going on in your life. 

ReGain’s services focus on what is going on in your relationship and how your issues could also affect it.

This includes topics such as family conflicts, relationships, parenting, grief, stress, and more, but you do have the opportunity to delve into more complex issues such as religion and LGBT+ matters.

Whatever is bothering you and affecting your relationship, you can discuss it with a ReGain counselor. 

However, there is no way for you to find a counselor that specializes explicitly in these topics.

This means that if you are in an LGBT+ relationship and would prefer an LGBT+ counselor who may be more empathetic and understanding of the challenges you and your partner face, there is no way for ReGain to prioritize its LGBT+ counselors for your case.

You will have to trial and error until you find the right counselor for you and your partner. 

In the future, we hope ReGain introduces a kind of filter system to make finding the right counselor easier for its clients, but for now, this remains a recommendation they have yet to take on. 

Despite this, you will have access to a licensed counselor who is a professional expert in their field.

This is due to ReGain’s (and BetterHelp’s) high standards over those it employs. This in turn, improves the overall quality of ReGain’s services, and many have found the counseling here to be effective. 

How ReGain Works

Like with all of BetterHelp’s smaller branches, ReGain works on a subscription structure in which you pay a set amount every month to receive several sessions with your counselor.

With ReGain, you can send your counselor unlimited messages and talk to them either through a video call or on the phone – whichever format you and your partner prefer!  

However, you and your partner must be in the same room when discussing things.

This is because ReGain does not offer third device services, which means you and your partner must talk together down one device.

This can be an issue if your schedules are very different or you have already physically separated. Hopefully, this is something ReGain can improve in the future. 

Despite this, you can talk to your counselor privately. ReGain does offer individual relationship counseling so you can talk to them one on one to work on yourself privately.

These sessions are confidential unless you communicate by written communication (e.g. text).

As you and your partner share a device, these messages will be visible to both parties. Again, this could be solved if ReGain introduced third device services. 

It’s also worth noting how easy it is to sign up to ReGain. All you have to do is make an account, fill in a questionnaire, then send an invite to your partner.

If you choose to sign up for individual therapy, you cannot send an invite at all. Then, your therapy can begin! 

ReGain’s Online Blog

ReGain’s Online Blog

ReGain’s services mainly work through online sessions with its clients but another feature worth mentioning is its online blog. 

The blog features all kinds of articles ranging from deep psychology to light-hearted informative pieces.

They can provide useful help and guidance even when your counselor is unavailable, plus it can inspire you to approach topics with your partner and counselor during your next session. 

It’s a great feature that is available to read whenever you want to, and it can also help you understand the lingo used in your counseling sessions.

Overall, we liked ReGain’s informative blog and thought it would be a nice feature to highlight due to its additional benefits.

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Privacy Policies

Privacy is a number one concern for those signing up for counseling and therapy, and no company understands this better than BetterHelp.

It is one of the company’s core values to provide each of its clients with complete confidentiality, and this is reflected in their services. 

For ReGain, everything that is told to your counselor is entirely confidential.

When it comes to written communication, there is the ability to permanently delete individual messages so no one else can see them, although you will be sharing your device with your partner. 

ReGain also does not work with insurance companies, so whatever is said through ReGain won’t reach or affect your health insurance.

Although this does spell problems when it comes to payments, it does mean that you can say everything to your counselor in the confidence that it won’t be leaked to other companies.

You can even choose to use nicknames or remain anonymous so even your counselor won’t be able to identify you. 

Overall, it’s very clear that privacy is essential to ReGain, and you can take additional steps to protect your identity easily. 


Now, let’s take a look at how much ReGain costs. 

Like with BetterHelp and its other smaller branches, ReGain is run on a subscription structure that charges you a single cost every month for access to your counselor.

However, a common issue is that the price fluctuates massively depending on your address and other factors. 

This means that to know how much you will have to pay monthly to ReGain, you will need to first get a quote from them directly.

This makes it more difficult for couples to plan and budget in their monthly counseling sessions. 

However, the average monthly cost for ReGain is between $270 and $330 – which is roughly average compared to its biggest competitors.

While ReGain is not precisely super affordable, it’s not incredibly expensive either. 

Should You Sign Up To ReGain?

There are many factors that you should consider before signing up to ReGain. 

You can count on the quality of the counselors available through this platform, plus ReGain cares a lot about the well-being of their clients and their privacy.

There are also benefits to consider regarding online therapy, including the flexibility to fit around your schedule and location.

Their services also extend to individual therapy and couples counseling so you can work on yourself while working on your relationship all through one service. 

However, there are also drawbacks to consider too.

For example, you won’t know how much your subscription will be until you sign up, and there are no third-device services that can allow couples who are already living separately to attend counseling together without being in the same room. 

So, look at the information above to find out whether or not ReGain is right for you and your partner’s needs.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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