The Intimacy Guide for Religious Couples (How to Be Passionate and Practice Your Faith)

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If you are passionate about your faith, you understand that there can be issues between your religion and your desire to be intimate with your partner. At the same time, there is a reason why God designed our bodies the way they are. Therefore, you must ensure that you focus on your intimacy with God and your partner if you want to lead a religious life. If you are wondering how to be passionate and still practice your faith, there are a few essential to keep in mind. Take a look at some of the most important points below, and do not hesitate to reach out to an expert if you need help.

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1. Start With Spiritual Intimacy

If you want to be intimate with your partner and still pursue a religious life, you need to start with spiritual intimacy. This means you may want to try going to your house of worship with your partner. If you have a community there, introduce your partner to everybody else. Then, your partner may want to do the same thing with you. You need to learn more about what spiritual intimacy looks like for each other. That way, you can find the perfect balance and walk together as you try to get to know God. This simple step can go a long way toward helping you get to know your partner just a bit better. This can open the door to other types of intimacy. 

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2. Communicate Your Desire To Be Intimate

Unfortunately, intimacy is a topic that has often been treated as something taboo in religious circles. If you want to be religious and intimate with your partner, you need to find a way to overcome this hurdle. Let your partner know that you are interested in being intimate with them. Your partner may ultimately reciprocate your feelings. This is one of the best ways to open that door, and you can walk through it together. 

3. Be Intentional About Your Schedule

When they are interested in being intimate, one of the religious couples’ significant challenges is a lack of time. You are both probably very busy, and your desire to be an active member of your religious community can only take up more time. Therefore, you may not have enough time to be intimate with one another. You must make time for intimacy to enjoy this experience with your partner. Take a look at your schedule, find a way to spend more time with each other, and ensure you have access to the bedroom when the time is right. 

4. Talk To Your Religious Counselor

From time to time, you may have questions about what is acceptable and what is not. Ultimately, what is acceptable is whatever is comfortable to you and your partner. Of course, you probably have many questions that need to be answered, and this is only something your religious leader can address. The doors of your house of worship should always be open, so you may want to talk to your religious leader or faith advisor. That way, you and your partner will be more comfortable as you get to know one another better. 

5. Always Learn More About Your Partner

Finally, even though you need to keep your focus on God, you also need to spend a lot of time getting to know your partner better. You all could be spending the rest of your life together, and you want to get to know your partner as well as possible. Therefore, you should spend time with your partner inside and outside a religious house of worship. That is one of the best ways to deepen your relationship with your partner, and it can make it easier for you to be intimate with your partner. That way, religious couples can enjoy intimacy as well.

Be Intimate and Religious With Your Partner

Ultimately, there are a lot of issues you need to consider if you are interested in being intimate with your partner while also keeping the focus on God. It can be challenging to balance both issues, which is why you need to keep an open line of communication with your partner. Make sure your partner is aware of your desires, and make sure you are clear about what it looks like for your specific relationship. You may even want to reach out to a spiritual counselor who can point you in the right direction. 

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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