Do Sound Machines help you Sleep

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Creating an ideal sleep environment that is cool, calm, and quiet may be hard to achieve. For example, you may have a loud roommate, or the external noise from sirens, barking dogs, or moving vehicles could make you stay awake.

If this is your trouble, sound machines may be your solution as they help mask out other surrounding noise. We will take a look at what sound machines do and how to choose one. So read on to find out if a sound machine can help you sleep.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Sound Machine?

With the numerous sound machines available, you may find it challenging to choose a suitable product. The critical factor is getting quality and healthy sound machines with an ambient vibe to create that relaxing environment in your room. Below are a few tips that may help you choose a suitable sound machine.

Price: High-end and quality machines are more costly than other sound machines. They have a broad range of sounds and noise. Before investing in one, consider the price tag and what it offers.

Size: Ideally, most sound machines should be lightweight and small. But some are extremely small and perfect for travel. If you often travel you might want to get a suitable sound machine to cater to all your travel needs.

Qualities: Different sound machines have different specifications, which you might want to consider before choosing one. These include:

  • Built-in alarms which one can set to a specific wake-up time.
  • Programmable sleep timers which shut off automatically after a certain time.
  • A continuous looping sound at the end and start while others stop once the recording is finished.

Do Sound Machines Help you Sleep?

Yes. Sound machines create a masking effect that blocks all other sounds and helps sleep. The louder the noise, the less you hear, which will help you find sleep compared to noise from a passing train. The magic behind the sound machine is how they make you hear less of the surrounding noise by helping your brain assign zero value to sounds around you.

In other words, the quieter the environment, the more extreme your hearing becomes. This is why you end up paying attention to a snoring partner and fail to sleep. Conversely, sound machines reduce your napping time, increase the timeframe you sleep, and improve the overall quality of your sleep.

What are the Different Sound Colors?

You might have heard someone mention pink or white sound noises and wondered what they mean. Sound noises come in various colors depending on the energy’s intensity and distribution. These include:

White Noise

All audible frequencies are included in white noise, creating an equal and uniform sound to mask all noise disruptions – the equal interests in sound noise help stimulate your brain and help you sleep.

If you have insomnia or any other sleep disorder, or perhaps you find it hard to put your child to sleep, white sound may be the answer for you. Below are some examples of white sounds:

  • Hissing radiator
  • Whirring fan
  • Humming air conditioner
  • Static on the radio or television

Pink Noise

The sound machine in pink noise feels more like a bass rumble that is deeper than white noise. In addition, the distribution of energy is not evenly. The energy is not spread equally within and between the sound, and lower frequencies have a higher intensity, resulting in a deep and even sound. The frequencies in pink noise are audible to your ear and include:

  • Strong wind
  • Rustling leaves
  • A steady downpour
  • Crashing tides on a beach

Brown Noise

Some refer to these sound machines as having brown noise or red noise. This is because they contain higher energy with a lower frequency which is deeper than white and pink noise. You may not notice the difference between brown and white noise, but this sound’s deepness may induce sleep and relaxation. Below are some examples of brown noise:

  • Strong waterfalls
  • Thunder
  • A low roar

Black Noise

If you’re the kind of person who prefers little to no noise when going to bed, then black noise is for you. It is described as a lack of noise sound machine as it silences random bits of noise. The energy level in black noise is zero across all frequency ranges.

oung blonde woman lying on the bed awake

What are the Other Tips for Sleeping

While sound machines may help you sleep, finding good sleeping habits matters and is essential. Investing in sound machines should not stop you from creating a healthy sleeping routine. To achieve quality sleep, you might want to try out the below tips.

  • Maintain a regular sleep routine. Whether it’s a weekend or your days off, ensure you get up and go to bed on time each day.
  • If you’re a coffee or tea lover, avoid drinking some before bedtime. Alcohol and stimulants that contain caffeine or nicotine affect your sleep and make you stay awake.
  • Excise regularly or stay active during the day, which will help you nap easily due to the tiredness.
  • Limit or take fewer naps that should not be more than 30 minutes.
  • Take light meals or snacks a few hours prior to your bedtime. Overeating may disrupt your sleep.
  • Avoid bright lights by turning them off. These may include lamps, TV screens, or even your smartphone light.
  • Create a bedtime routine that may include meditation, reading, or stretching that should take 60 minutes or less before bedtime.


Sound machines may help you achieve a better night’s sleep by masking external noises and creating a sleeping environment that is conducive for sleep. All that matters is finding what works for you in terms of sound preference and frequency, and then you can invest in a sound machine.

In addition, quality sleep is crucial for your body, and developing a great bedtime routine will go a long way to helping you find sleep, stay asleep, and train your mind to recognize whenever it’s time to take a nap.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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