How to Take Care of Yourself After a Long Night Out

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We’ve all been there when it was a long week, and you deserved to cut loose for a couple of days and just enjoy alive. The only unfortunate part of this story is that as much as that last drink was well deserved, and you did drink responsibly, Monday morning comes way too quickly. As soon as you hear the alarm ringing and it’s a little too abrasive and harsher than you remember – that slow, groggy thought hits, and it hits hard – you are hungover. 

Getting hungover after drinking is nothing new, and it’s something that people have to take into account when they go out on the town. To a large degree, this is just simple biology. Alcohol, in excess – even while it can be a part of your favorite cocktails, frozen drinks, or tap beers just isn’t that good for the human body. This is a simple fact! Booze doesn’t give you any helpful caloric intake or treat your muscles, brain, or sleeping patterns with any particular kind of care. 

The main reason that people drink is that it’s fun! Sometimes life can just be a little much, and when you’ve put in the hard work at the office, or with the kids, or in the university lecture hall, you deserve to throw one back and relax a bit. Drinking should always be done responsibly, and even when handled with care, the simple truth remains that a hangover can still happen. 

So how do you get around it? For most people, there are specific ‘tried and true methods of curing a hangover that ranges from the greasiest of breakfast foods to the densest of pasta and course, copious amounts of water. While everyone will develop their way of dealing with a pesky hangover, there are specific tools that can help you face this unpleasant side effect of having a good time and overcome it. 

If you have been wondering about the best ways to take care of yourself after a long night out on the town – here is everything you need to know! 

Drink Water While You Have Fun

Alcohol has a lot of effects on the body, one of which is that it can make people feel dehydrated. This happens for a couple of reasons, but it’s because people become dehydrated when they are out at the club dancing and not drinking any water. Yes, your favorite cocktail is EXACTLY what you need, but your body needs some good ole H2O with that cocktail. 

One of the best ways to ensure that you walk away from a fantastic night on the town with a clear mind is simply to be strict about drinking water regularly. Yes, you may have to frequent the bathroom a little more than usual, but avoiding dehydration is more than worth it! 

The Hangover Drink That Gives Your Body What It Needs

You may not know this, but staying hydrated is about more than just drinking water. Yes, water is essential, and if you are out on the town putting your favorite pair of dancing shoes to work—you need to stay up on your water intake. However, water will only take your hangover so far. 

That’s where a hangover drink comes in to give your body exactly what it needs to have a fighting chance at avoiding or overcoming a bad feeling the next day. Now, it’s important to note that nothing will “cure” a hangover; however, when the body has the proper nutrition, it can help speed up recovery and support your overall wellness.

How does it work?

This hangover drink is packed with electrolytes, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals that help keep your system hydrated and nourished while you drink. Yep, you read that right, this is a while-you-drink kind of thing. 

When Should I Take This Hangover Drink?

This particular hangover drink should be taken either before you start drinking or an hour before you stop. Every person has a different metabolism and way their body processes alcohol, food, and nutrients. So it may take a couple of times to see where the sweet spot is for you, so don’t be afraid to try it out a couple of different times!


Having fun and cutting loose with your favorite drinks shouldn’t cost you an entire day after the fact. The older people get, typically, the more they deal with worsening hangover symptoms. If you are looking for a way to enjoy your favorite drinks on a well-deserved night out responsibly, but you want to minimize the damage it can do the next day, try some of our tips!

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