7 Best Teas for Stress Relief

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Life comes with multiple stressors. Everyone gets their share of them. However, these stressors shouldn’t define the quality of your life. While the problems of the world and life, in general, might be infinite, your sanity isn’t, which is why it’s important to just decompress sometimes.

Most people resort to medication to combat stress and anxiety, but nature has provided more effective solutions for this problem, one of which is tea.

The benefits of tea transcend general wellness, and we are going to highlight some of the best teas for stress that you can get your hands on. So let’s take a look at some of our favorites so you can try them for yourself.

Best Teas for Stress Relief

Chamomile Tea

Species of the chamomile plant are used for herbal infusions in traditional medicine. This plant is revered for its health benefits, and it is increasingly popular, too. Chamomile tea is made from dried chamomile flowers. It is an herbal tea that is also caffeine-free, so it can be taken at any time of day without spiking your anxiety levels.

This is a feel-good tea that helps increase both serotonin and melatonin levels in the body. This leaves you feeling relaxed without the associated drowsiness. Apart from this, chamomile tea can soothe muscle aches in the body and relieve headaches associated with stress or anxiety.

We recommend Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Tea.

Peppermint Tea

This is an aromatic tea that tastes as good as it smells. Known as a natural stress reliever when ingested or inhaled, peppermint tea contains menthol, which is a natural muscle relaxant. This tea will loosen the tight knots in your body, give you a sense of calmness, and improve the soundness of your sleep. It is also void of caffeine, so it can be taken around the clock if need be.

Also, peppermint is great for the digestive system. Hence, stress-induced tummy aches are no match for it. This tea will leave you calm, balanced, and with a dose of energy when you need it. However, it shouldn’t be ingested by pregnant women, as it can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Our recommendation is Twinings of London Pure Peppermint Tea.

Green Tea

Green tea is infused with a lot of antioxidants, like polyphenol, which plays a major role in combating anxiety and stress. This tea is great for one’s mental and physical health. Aside from polyphenol, green tea contains epicatechin, a flavonoid that protects one’s brain from oxidative damage while also improving memory.

However, although green tea contains caffeine, it’s somewhat adaptogenic, so it can keep you alert when needed while promoting better sleep, as well. Green tea will help reduce fatigue, keep you calm, improve stress levels, and ultimately give you a fresh and calm start at any point of the day.

Try Organo Gold Organic Green Tea for stress relief.

Matcha Tea

Similar to green tea, matcha is also made from the Camellia sinensis plant. These specially grown green tea leaves are finely ground and processed to produce a thick powder called matcha. This tea contains high levels of L-theanine, an amino acid that acts as a stress reliever whilst promoting relaxation.

Matcha tea has increased in popularity over the years, primarily because of its caffeine and L-theanine combination. This combination creates a meditative state and helps you achieve a zen mood, which some avid consumers call a body high – all natural and legal, of course.

We recommend this Matcha Green Tea Powder by Matcha Organics.

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm is an herb that belongs to the mint family, which produces its natural mint flavor. When infused into tea, this calming herb relieves the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression. Lemon balm tea relaxes the body and helps elevate the mood whilst improving concentration levels and boosting brainpower. Thus, it can be taken to combat performance-related stress.

This tea is used in aromatherapy to help reduce tension, relax muscles, relieve muscle cramps, alleviate headaches, and soothe the digestive system. Lemon balm tea tastes like mint-infused lemon, and it can be taken around the clock, as it’s also caffeine-free. For scientific proof of its effectiveness, a 2018 study showed that a lemon balm supplement reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia in angina patients.

We love this Alvita Organic Lemon Balm Herbal Tea.

Lavender Tea

Lavender might be revered for its sweet-smelling scent, but embedded in this scent is a mood-stabilizing and stress-relieving effect. This is why it’s highly infused in candles, oils, and other objects of aromatherapy. Made by drying the buds of the lavender plant, ingesting lavender tea poses the same benefits.

This tea possesses sedative effects, soothes pain, relaxes muscles and nerves, and even has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it can diminish the appearance of burns, bug bites, or even acne when used topically. Lavender tea may be just as effective as stress/anxiety-relieving medication, as researchers found that an oral lavender capsule, Silexan, was comparable to lorazepam in combating GAD in adults.

Your best pick would be this Buddha Teas Organic Lavender Tea.

Valerian Tea

Valerian tea is an herbal beverage that is made from the roots of the valerian plant. These roots are rich in antioxidants and compounds like valerenic acid and isovaleric acid. This helps promote calmness, as it inhibits GABA breakdown in the brain, thus resulting in feelings of tranquility. The flowers from this plant were initially used to make perfumes due to the sweet-smelling scent.

However, when the roots were infused into tea or other oral supplements, it showed effects in combating anxiety and psychological stress. In addition to this, valerian tea can decrease the symptoms of acute stress and can also help with chronic conditions of anxious behaviors, like GAD and OCD. Valerian tea is a common herbal remedy for insomnia and sleep disorders, as it helps improve sleep quality. Therefore, it can relieve stress and anxiety-related sleeplessness.

Final Thoughts

As you go through life, a lot of worries are bound to weigh you down. These stressors could be physical, psychological, or emotional, and they could come from different aspects of your life. For humans, stress is inevitable. However, there are multiple ways to combat its symptoms and manifestations. While these remedies may be rooted in multiple beliefs and facts, the best solutions can be as simple as a cup of tea.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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