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Stress balls are designed to help you cut down stress, loosen your stiff muscles, and improve your motor skills. They also help you improve grip and boost blood circulation. Stress balls come in different styles with various features to suit your needs. Plus, they come in all sorts of designs, so you can find one whether you want something plain or more fun for you or your kids.

Not every stress ball will offer proper de-stressing properties, which is why you need to do your research before buying one. This is why we have come up with a list of the best stress balls out there. Keep reading to find out more about our favorites.

Comparison Chart

Power Your Fun Arggh Rainbow Giant Stress Ball
Best Choice
Elibia Set of 3 Stress Balls
Best for Motivation
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Small Fish Brand Sensory Stress Ball Toy Set
Best Stress Balls Set

Best Stress Balls to Buy on Amazon

Power Your Fun Arggh Rainbow Giant Stress Ball


First on our list is this fun Rainbow Giant Stress ball that kids will love. This product was designed to give the highest level of satisfaction in relieving your stress and tension. If you are feeling uptight and overwhelmed, this stress ball was created for you!

Product Highlights

This unique squishy ball is ideal for emotional and physical stress therapy. The package comes with one super-sized stress ball, which should help squeeze your stress away.

The ball is made with kids in mind and can also be useful as an ADHD/ADD/Autism toy. It helps children stay focused and relaxed, and it is non-toxic, safe, and tactile. The ball is filled with non-toxic gel and has a diameter of 5 inches, making it perfect for people above the age of 5. You can also use it for hand, wrist, and finger exercises.

The Giant stress ball is the perfect sensory toy, and because of the available color options and durability, the balls are a fun and attractive option to help your kids process their stress. After using this ball, make sure you wash it using warm water and soap, air dry it, and use some baby powder to restore it to its original state.


Small Fish Brand Sensory Stress Ball Toy Set


The next option on our list is these sensory stress balls that can be used by adults and kids alike. With these stress balls, you are well on your way to easing your daily stress and tension.

Product Highlights

These stress balls from Small Fish come in black, white, red, orange, blue, green, purple, and yellow. Each of the balls is soft and measures 2.56 inches. The size and shape make them fit into your hands easily while taking the stress away as you squeeze.

You don’t have to worry about finding a place to store these stress relievers as the package comes with a plastic box. If you are going through a lot of stress, all you need to do is squish, squeeze, and stretch the balls to create a soothing feeling. This ball is a great calming tool for children and teenagers with ADD/Autism/ADHD. They are durable and strong and can be used for hours without breaking.

Another standout feature is that each ball is portable and lightweight, weighing in at just 0.19lbs each. Because the package comes with 12 balls, you can leave them in different places around your home. If you are planning on taking a trip, you could also take one or two with you, as they are compact and portable.

The balls are robust and easy to maintain by washing and drying. Also, each ball is made using TPR and is strong enough to withstand a lot of squishing. You do not have to be worried about toxic chemicals because these balls are made using non-toxic materials and are completely odorless.

These stress balls also make the ideal Easter basket filler and Christmas stocking stuffer. You may also use them as cute gifts for birthdays. Ensure you regularly wash the balls with warm water and soap and air dry them to maintain hygiene. You can also use some baby powder on them to give them to restore their original smell and looks.


Elibia Set of 3 Stress Balls


As per its name, this set of stress balls is great for adults and kids and is one of the best stress balls for anxiety and stress relief for a good reason. All the balls come with an inspirational quote inscribed on them. Each inscription helps encourage positivity and calm throughout the day.

Product Highlights

You can squeeze these balls as hard as you want to help improve your energy and mood, all without worrying that you will break them. The balls are made to be long-lasting as they are built using pure polyurethanes.

Each ball measures 2.5 inches in diameter and is made from foam. You don’t have to worry about storing the balls as the package comes with a non-woven bag included. These cute and durable balls can be used as gifts for parents, co-workers, friends, or children who need anxiety relief, extra support, hand strengthening, or fidgeting toys.

They can be squeezed really hard without the concern that they will break, which makes them great for the office. Make sure you wash and dry the balls to keep them in a clean condition after use.


Giant Stress Ball – Huge Squishy Anxiety Reliever


Regardless of the level of frustration, stress, boredom, or anxiety you face in your daily life, this awesome stress ball is a great choice. It is popular among adults and kids alike, especially those who want a stress ball that is squishy.

Product Highlights

The unique Giant Stress Ball is the perfect solution for stress, tension, and anxiety. You can squeeze it as hard as you can without destroying it. The ball contains gel, which makes it soothing while squeezing it and fidgeting with it.

The ball weighs 14.4 ounces and measures 6 inches in diameter. Although it only comes in a single color, it makes up for the lack of color diversity with its sturdiness and design. One outstanding feature of this ball is that it gives a pleasant smell when squeezed, which further helps you relax. It also comes with a canister, which makes it easy to store and move around. With this ball, you are guaranteed a more satisfying pound, throw, or punch. You can’t get this with the average stress ball!

With this ball, you will experience a surge in energy and concentration as time goes by, especially if you find it difficult to maintain focus for long. Increase your dexterity, flexibility, and individual finger strength as you repeatedly squeeze this unique ball.

Make sure you properly store this ball when not in use. Also, wash it in warm water and dry it off to keep it clean.


24 Stress Balls – Bulk Pack of 2.5″ Stress Balls


This stress ball pack makes our list because of the assortment of available options. Your kids won’t struggle to find their favorite color, and this ball is loved by adults and kids alike because of its strength and color variations.

Product Highlights

Each of the balls measures 2.5 inches in diameter, making them the perfect size to provide a calming, therapeutic feeling without taking up too much space. Because of their number and size, you can stuff them in strategic places around your home, office, or in your kid’s bags.

Each pack comes with 24 stress balls that are designed to capture the attention of all kinds of users. Although they look cute and small, they are also tough enough to withstand the crushing force of your hands.

Each of the balls is made using top-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting. You do not have to worry about your health and safety, as each ball is made using non-toxic materials. These stress balls represent the perfect way to unwind, focus, and keep energy levels high.

The balls also help improve dexterity and grip while strengthening the hand muscles. They are the perfect option for children who have ADHD/Autism/ADD.

Each of the balls measures 2.5 inches in diameter, which means they won’t take up too much space in your home. They make a good option for Easter eggs, although they will only fit in the large Easter eggs.



After considering the different available options of stress balls, our favorite of the lot is the Power Your Fun Arggh Rainbow Giant Stress Ball because of its strength, design, and size. Each of the stress balls contained in this guide is non-toxic, and they are proven to give the highest level of satisfaction and stress relief.

Your choice will ultimately depend on what you want from the ball and what your budget is. We hope this guide will point you in the right direction in your journey to cut down stress and anxiety with stress balls.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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