Why You Should Never Fight Your Thoughts On Meditation

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Are you looking for a way to maximize the benefits of your meditation session? If so, you should not fight your thoughts while meditating. It is a common misconception that people must control their thoughts when meditating altogether. Even though you need to focus and concentrate as much as possible, you do not necessarily need to leave your negative thoughts behind. If you spend all of your energy fighting against your thoughts, you may not be maximizing the benefits of your meditation session. What are some of the biggest reasons you do not want to fight negative thoughts when you meditate?

1. Positive Thinking Is Not Always the Answer

Yes, you need to embrace positive thoughts. It can help you increase your mood and leave your stress behind you. At the same time, you should not force your brain to think positive thoughts. There are certain situations where positive thinking thoughts are not necessarily the answer. Have you ever noticed that overly optimistic people can annoy you? There is a reason why that is the case. In certain situations, an optimistic outlook can feel fake, disingenuous, and unrealistic. If you force your brain to think positive thoughts when you know that is not what you are supposed to do, you may not necessarily believe the thoughts and emotions that you feel. This means that you will not be able to embrace them, which is why you might not next might the benefits of your meditation session. Forcing yourself to think positive thoughts is not always the answer.

2. By Combatting Your Negative Thoughts, You Might Be Judging Yourself

Another reason why you do not necessarily need to push back against negative thoughts is because you do not want to judge yourself. When you force yourself to think positively, you pass tremendous judgment on your central nervous system. If you have to force yourself to think positively, you condemn all negative thoughts that typically float through your brain. You are trying to force yourself to improve, but thinking positive thoughts is not necessarily better. If you condemn all of your negative thoughts as undesirable, you create a pattern of negativity. After all, if you condemn something, you are passing negative judgment on it. You do not want to judge yourself so harshly, so do not force yourself to push all of your negative thoughts to the side. 

3. It Can Increase Anxiety

You may also find that forcing yourself to push your negative thoughts aside can increase anxiety. One of the biggest reasons people meditate regularly is to seek a way to handle their anxiety. If you believe that you need to think positive thoughts all the time to make yourself happy, you might be scared that you will lose your ability to see optimism in the world. You might lose your happiness if you have a fleeting instant of a negative thought pattern. This can create a sense of anxiety because you do not necessarily know when the negative thoughts will come back. If you want to use meditation to help you deal with stress, you do not want to force yourself to repress negative thoughts.

4. It Creates Too Much Stress

Finally, you should not force yourself to push aside negative thoughts because this can create too much stress. Remember that one of the biggest reasons why you are meditating is that you want to increase your stress management abilities. If you focus all of your efforts on trying to suppress your negative thoughts, it will be a stressful experience. After all, you will always know that there is a chance that they might return in the future. As a result, if you want to increase your ability to manage your stress through meditation, you need to embrace the thoughts that come to your mind during your sessions. This might include negative thoughts from time to time. 

Embrace Your Thoughts When You Meditate

If you want to get the most out of your meditation sessions, you need to embrace the movements of your mind as you go along. Even though you want to concentrate and focus as much as possible, your mind will let you know what is essential to focus and concentrate on. Then, make sure that you have meditation sessions regularly. If you meditate regularly, you can get more out of your sessions. You might want to experiment with different breathing patterns and positions. You might even find it helpful to meditate in a group with other people. If you have questions about how you can maximize meditation sessions, consider reaching out to an expert who can point you in the right direction. Meditation can help you improve your overall health. 

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