How to Invest in Yourself

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The new year is around the corner, and with it comes a lot of promise and change. Every new year millions of people set out to challenge themselves deeply and try new things. For some people, their new year’s challenges revolve around education and learning something like a new language or exploring bitcoin for the first time. For many people, their new year’s resolutions revolve around the physical as they buy gym memberships and workout equipment for the first time in hopes that they can sustain real change! 

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One of the biggest problems with new year’s resolutions – as most people who have tried them out can attest to – is that they are tough to stick with. In fact, for most people, the reality of a new years resolution is that it may be rare for it to last through even January. So, the question isn’t about what you want to add to your new year’s resolution goals – but how you will add to those goals. 

One way to practice positive reinforcement and accomplishment in 2023 is by focusing on sustainable goals. These goals are broad, have room to grow with you, and won’t be shattered when you slip up. One such goal that’s broad, welcoming, and has room to grow and be defined as you pursue it – is to invest in yourself. 

Investing in yourself can take on a lot of different faces. It may look like working out more, eating healthier, or getting into counseling – and here’s the thing – it may change! For a season, it might look like learning how to make small dietary decisions that, over time, make a significant impact. Still, when the weather is better, it could look like adding on more outdoor activity to work on your cardio. 

If you are curious about how to go into 2023 and invest in yourself in a meaningful and sustainable way, here are some thoughts to get you started! 

Take Time to Address the Issues

Nothing worth accomplishing can be accomplished without commitment, dedication, and time. One thing that people often need to do is to address issues or challenges that they may face in the new year. For example, if your goal is to start working out more, but you may have some issues with your back, you need to develop a game plan. Instead of just rushing into a new gym membership and expensive athletic clothing, you may need to invest in a high-quality back brace to help you maintain proper posture while working out. 

These moves are the ones that are sustainable and will help you move toward accomplishing your goals in a big way. This could be the case for several types of goals, for example, food and diet. Many people enter the new year with a good amount of ambition regarding their diet. Over the holidays, they had their fill of sweets and goodies, and now they want to change and get back into healthy nutrition. However, this can be very hard to stick with if you don’t dissect your time and capacity. 

Eating healthy for some people means learning new skills in the kitchen and getting educated on the nutritional value of food, which typically represents a more significant amount of effort than their old eating habits require. So, think through the problem areas – where will you struggle on this journey, and what can you do to address those struggles preemptively? Yes, saying no to your favorite cheeseburger as a regular part of your weekly diet will be tricky – but that’s not the most challenging part. The hardest part will be restructuring your time and calendar to allow you to shop and cook. 

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal has a lot of great health benefits, but it’s also a great discipline to start investing in for the journey of self-improvement. Not only will a better mental health state help you accomplish your goals – but a journal is a great way to keep track of what works and doesn’t. Taking the time to analyze your progress and how you feel about it will help give insight into what areas you need to celebrate and continue to see accomplishment and what areas you need to address and possibly change.


Finding ways to invest in yourself can be sustainable and part of 2023. With the right motivation, execution, and expectations, you can find sustainable, accomplishable, and scalable methods of investing in yourself. It may take a little introspection and work to figure out – but it’s well worth the time and effort. 

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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