Feeling Sleepy? Here’s How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes Easily

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There’s nothing as frustrating as waking up feeling exhausted and finding that you have no energy to start your day. When you’re tired, your eyes can feel heavy, dry, and itchy, and you may even have dark circles.

Sometimes, not even eye makeup can cover up how tired you feel. If you’re looking for how to get rid of tired eyes, you can try a few things.

Why do we get tired eyes?

The dark circles and bags under your eyes are not necessarily completely down to not getting enough sleep. Several different factors can contribute to tired eyes.

Not getting enough sleep

This is the most common cause of tired eyes. When you don’t get enough rest, your body and mind can’t recover from the day’s activities, which can lead to fatigue.

Eye strain

If you spend a lot of time looking at screens, whether on your computer, phone, or TV, you may experience eye strain. This is because you’re not giving your eyes a chance to rest, and the blue light from screens can also disrupt your sleep cycle.

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Dry eyes

Dry eyes can be caused by several things, including medications, climate, and specific conditions. When your eyes don’t have enough moisture, they can feel irritated and dry, leading to fatigue. Dry air can also exacerbate the problem.


If you have allergies, you may also experience swollen, itchy eyes. This can be due to pollen, dust, or other irritants.


When you don’t drink enough water, the skin around your eyes can become dry and wrinkled. This can make you look and feel more tired than you are.

How to prevent tired eyes

The most obvious solution for tired eyes is to get more sleep. But if you’re unable to do that, you can still do things to help prevent tired eyes.

If you spend a lot of time looking at digital devices, taking regular breaks is essential. It’s good practice to take a 5-minute break from your screen every 20-30 minutes to rest your eyes. The blue light from screens can also disrupt sleep, so it’s important to limit screen time before bed.

It’s also important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your eyes moist. And if you live in a dry climate, use a humidifier to add moisture to the air.

If allergies cause your tired eyes, there are several things you can do to help relieve the symptoms. Keep your windows closed and run an air purifier to help remove allergens. You can also try using artificial tears or over-the-counter antihistamines to help relieve itchiness and inflammation.

How to hide dark circles and eye bags

If you’re looking for a quick fix to reduce dark circles, you can try a few makeup tricks.

A concealer is your best friend when it comes to hiding dark circles. Use a concealer that’s one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and blend it well into the inner corners of your eyes.

For extra coverage, use an under-eye setting powder to help keep the concealer in place and prevent creasing.

Add a pop of color with eyeliner or mascara to brighten up tired eyes. White or nude eyeliner can help make your eyes look wider and more awake. And adding a coat of mascara will give your lashes some extra volume.

Make sure to start your eye makeup with a moisturizing eye cream underneath to help disguise any dryness or puffiness.

Treatments for eye skincare

If you want to know how to get rid of tired eyes, you can try several skin care treatments.

Cucumber slices are a popular home remedy for tired eyes. Cucumbers’ cool temperature and high water content can help reduce puffiness and inflammation.

You can also try using cold tea bags. Add two used teabags to a bowl of cold water and let them soak for a few minutes. Then, place the teabags over your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes. The caffeine in the tea can help constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.

For a more long-term solution, you can try using an eye cream or serum that contains caffeine. Caffeine is a natural diuretic that can help reduce puffiness by decreasing water retention. It can also help stimulate circulation to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Hyaluronic acid can also help reduce the appearance of skin aging, like fine lines and wrinkles.

You can also try using a jade roller or gua sha tool to help depuff the under-eye area. These tools can also help improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Lubricating eye drops can also help relieve dryness and irritation.

Final thoughts: looking for how to get rid of tired eyes?

Nobody wants tired-looking eyes. But luckily, there are several things you can do to help prevent and hide the signs of fatigue.

If you spend a lot of time looking at screens, take regular breaks and limit screen time before bed. Alternatively, you could consider wearing blue-light-blocking glasses.

If you need a quick fix, concealer and setting powder can help to disguise dark circles. And adding a pop of color with eyeliner or mascara can help brighten up your eyes.

For a more long-term solution, you can try several skin care treatments. You can purchase many skincare products at drug and beauty stores or try some simple home remedies, like cucumber slices or cold tea bags.

The most beneficial tool is to tackle the problem at its source.

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