7 Simple Tricks to Instantly Become 40% Happier

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Your happiness is not determined by you alone, and that’s why only 40% of it is in your hands. The rest of your satisfaction relies 50% on genetics and 10% due to circumstances. Therefore, you can only control 40%, and it is up to you to be good to yourself to get as much joy as possible from your life.

Luckily, researchers have found that several things can boost your happiness, including eating the food you like, where you sleep, and the environment you choose for your daily exercise. Moreover, there are hundreds of simple tricks that you can add to your routine to make you feel happier. Here are seven simple tricks that will give you the full boost you deserve.

1.      Experience a Natural High

According to Japanese scientists, more than half the population has the natural ability to induce a natural high when doing something they like. Therefore, while partaking in activities that give you fulfillment – like watching a series on Netflix or Hulu, listening to your favorite music, playing with your pets, reading a favorite book, etc. – your body releases a cannabinoid receptor 1, just like the one found in marijuana.

Furthermore, understand the two types of happiness, hedonic and eudaimonic, because when these remain balanced, they ensure long-term satisfaction.

Hedonic pleasure is the fleeting pure pleasure felt when doing something you enjoy, like partaking in a superb meal or when you have a relaxing beauty treatment. Eudaimonic pleasure derives from having a sense of purpose, like doing the work you love as part of your community or raising a family.

Research has shown that people with high levels of eudaimonia have 30% more virus-killing antibodies produced by their genes.

2.      Laugh and Smile Often

Smiling affects you positively and how you see others because it releases a mood-lifting chemical that also boosts your immune system and relieves you of stressful thoughts. The more you smile, the more favorable your outlook becomes because you can trick the brain into creating happiness. 

Moreover, a good laugh can give you the same mental boost as meditation. If you prefer yoga, then, by all means, take the time to attend a class. However, occasionally, watch some stand-up comedy, a hilarious YouTube video, or a funny movie to reach the same levels of contentment as yoga or regular exercise.

3.      Create Beautiful Experiences

Buying luxury items for yourself instead of others can help reinforce your sense of self-worth and happiness. However, creating beautiful experiences can benefit most people more than owning tangible objects. For example, a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology says a weekend getaway to a place you love can bring you 51% more happiness than buying luxurious face cream or a purse.

4.      Change Your Inner Voice

Everyone has an internal voice that speaks to them in a specific tone. Learn to love yourself, so it speaks to you lovingly rather than criticizing you. Listen to yourself, and instead of creating a negative vibe, allow your inner voice to boost your confidence.

5.      Forgive Yourself For Your Mistakes

It is not uncommon for most of us to feel anger at past mistakes, but you don’t need to carry them around forever. Not everyone is perfect, so forgive yourself and accept who you are, giving yourself the chance to become happier instantly.

6.      Accept Yourself and Feel Gratitude

You may not have perfect hair or body, but accepting what you have can make you much happier. Self-acceptance is not just about tolerating your body, career, income, and personal achievements; it means that you should always feel worthy. So what if you haven’t reached the top of your professional career or started a family? That doesn’t mean you are not worthy of self-love. If you are happy, don’t waste time thinking about what could be; accept what you are.

Furthermore, being grateful for what you have can help you find more happiness. Gratefulness doesn’t always come easily, especially on sad days. However, even remembering to be grateful for even the most minor things can bring you a sense of joy.

7.      Share Your Feelings

Finally, humans are social creatures, meaning that we need each other. Doing things with others doesn’t mean you need to lose your independence, but support does increase happiness. Therefore, find someone you can trust to confide in over a meal or a cup of coffee, and you will be amazed to see how great it feels to unload.

Final Take

The list of simple tricks to instantly become 40% happier includes many other pieces of advice. These include helping others, getting enough sunlight daily, creating a beautiful space for yourself, and eating foods like chocolate coffee, strawberries, etc. Whichever of these you adopt, remember, it is all about being good to yourself.

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This site contains affiliate links to products. We will receive a commission for purchases made through these links.
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